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Training – Methodology

The greatest advantage of TIIFS lies in the fact that all courses are computer aided. The courses give the students freedom to develop their spirit of innovation and explore the professional world through the use of computers and with the guidance of TIIFS experienced faculty.

An emphasis on teamwork and group learning. A high degree of co-ordination within and between courses.

Frequent interactions with visiting executives from project of an entrepreneurial or consulting nature.

Air Condition Classroom

The campus is fully air conditioned located in prime area of Mumbai & students also receives classroom instruction which will help them to learn

Qualified Educated Faculty

TIIFS provides you well qualified educated faculty. They brings their extensive knowledge, professional experience & advanced education to their task

Self Evaluatory Assignment

The study package also includes self evaluatory assignment that help students to evaluate their own academic progress

Student Expectation

The students are expected to attend all the classes, practical as well as theory regularly & devote considerable time for private studies at home


Assignments related to computers will require the students to spend significant time in the lab


Internship helps the student to gather experience from practical world & also combine the concepts learnt in classroom with the real life situation in organization

Bridge Between Institution & Industry

Internship is a bridge between institution & industry from where student will get the exposure of the corporate world

Curriculum are Conducted

Assessments related to various subject, form & beyond the curriculum are conducted on a regular basis class

Pursue Live Projects

Students are encouraged to pursue live projects & operation workout in each of the courses to enhance their learning by applying theoretical concepts learnt in classroom


TIIFS provides quality course, audio visual teaching aids


Experts from industry are frequently initiated to disseminate lectures & teach on various subjects

Computing Needs

TIIFS center are provided with relevant latest infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of students and the training needs of information technology related courses.