December 14, 2020

A Career in Fashion Designing

India is a country popular for its diversity of rich cultures and traditions. Clothing and accessories are the best way to represent our country’s rich history of thousands of years. For many year’s designing clothes was done traditionally but never looked at by the youths from a professional point of view. But with western influence, the fashion designing in today’s modern India is growing on a very large-scale meeting and outshining the international standards.

Why is today’s youth attracted to a career in fashion designing?

  • The fashion industry is in demand
  • Best way to express your love for creativity
  • Variety of job options

What skills do you need to be a fashion designer?

  • Creative Skills – These are the basic but most important skills which are mandatory and one needs to have it within itself. Attention to details e.g. Choice of colors, patterns, fabric, ability to visualizing and sketching, Sewing, etc.
  • Business Skills – These skills can be learned in fashion colleges and workplaces as you grow with time. E.g. Advertising, Fundraising, Retailing, Sales, etc.
  • Communication skills – These sets of skills can be acquired and improved while taking fashion education. E.g. Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation skills, etc.
  • Information Technology Skills – To stay updated and to survive in this competitive world one needs to learn IT skills e.g. E-commerce, Ability to learn and use the latest software
Can anybody be a fashion designer?
Yes. If you have developed a good eye for detailing in clothes like colors, fabric, patterns, accessories and enjoy expressing your creativity through various designs, you can think about choosing fashion designing as a career option.
There are below 2 ways to go about it:
  • Self- Education :
    Many people aspire to be fashion designers without any degree which is okay but remember one needs to take extra efforts to learn the basics of fashion designing and business management, the use of advanced software, and the latest trends to survive today’s competitive world.
  • Join a Fashion Designing Institute :
    Choose a recognized institute or college to become a successful fashion designer. A smart way to boost your skills as fashion Institutes will teach you more than just sketching and designing clothes and accessories.
Apart from freshers who else can think about these courses.
  • Anybody looking for a change in career
  • Anyone with the minimum academic background but
  • working in the same industry
  • Any Creative and Artistic minds
  • Those who are looking for crash courses
To Get a Diploma/Degree from a renowned institute & To Enhance your creative skills it is advised to join the fashion designing institute today.

Pursuing any course in fashion designing will give immense knowledge and confidence to survive in this competitive industry. These institutes will give you a chance to examine and constantly improve your creative, Artistic, drawing, Computer, Illustrations skills. It is a common misconception that after completing a fashion designing course one can only design clothes or accessories. Many people are unaware of the below career options post fashion designing course.

  • Fashion Designer
  • Assistant Fashion Designer
  • illustrator
  • Pattern Designer
  • Retail Merchandiser
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Store Manager
Steps to become a successful Fashion Designer
  • Finish a degree/diploma in Fashion designing from a renowned institute and get ready to shine into the actual the fashion business
  • Applying all the skills that you have learnt during the degree/diploma course in real life. Join an internship program with any design firm, fashion house, or even small business which will allow you to get actual hands-on experience.
As you continue working and improving, you will understand the actual fashion world. Along with designing the clothes and accessories, learn the basics of business e.g. sales, marketing, finance so that one day if you think about starting your fashion firm you shall be ready.
Fashion is all about implementing your thoughts on clothes and accessories. Keep together all the great work you have done from your diploma/degree days and put it together to make a portfolio that will show off all your brilliant skills to your future boss.
It is said Fashion trends change from every season to season, so you must stay updated about new trends in the market.

Along with all this important is that you identify your market & Stay connected to your clients their needs and keep delivering your best

Technical Institute of Interior & Fashion Studies (TiiFS) in Navi Mumbai. TiiFS is a pioneer in Fashion and Interior designing in Navi Mumbai which is recognized by the government. There are a variety of courses available in fashion designing at TiiFS as per your interest and the subjects that you wish to cover. The most famous and promising course options are as below:

Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) 3 years Degree Course in Fashion Designing
(UGC Approved Recognized University)

This course is focusing on youths who want to boost their employment chances after completion of the course. Also, one can do Masters (M. Voc) in fashion designing after completion of this 3 years bachelor’s degree.

  • Eligibility: 12th Pass or equivalent
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • PG Diploma in Fashion Designing with CAD
  • 3 years Expert Diploma in Fashion designing
  • 2 years Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • 1-year Diploma in Fashion designing with CAD

Nowadays, the internet is playing a pivotal role in the fashion industry catering to mass and constantly changing trends in fashion and Interior designing. Engaging in formal education in the relevant industry will give you the power to be different and to innovate and develop new ideas and test with the use of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing.

As per constant changing customer trends and market race, one needs to be competent with the basics of fashion designing, hence go ahead and select any of the above courses and get ready for the future with TIFFS.
Please visit the address & contact number given on the website of the Technical Institute of Interior & Fashion Studies (TiiFS)


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To become a successful fashion designer, choose a recognized institute that offers premium full-fledged fashion design courses. It’s always a smart choice to enhance your skills at Fashion Institutes, as you will learn more than just designing clothes be it trending work from home attire or simply the timeless classics and accessories like handbags, shoes, jewelry.