December 9, 2020

A Career in Interior Designing

Interior designing is an art and science of enhancing the interior of any space so that one can experience a better living space fulfilling their expectations. Historically it was done considering it as a process of building. Along with the passing time, the entire meaning and process of interior designing have changed for its better. Earlier it was more about decorating the houses or offices but now in the pursuit of effective use of space and functionality, today’s interior designers have even bigger objectives and expectations to meet.
With the help of the internet, today’s generation has many ideas for decorating their spaces and due to the same internet, the competition is very high in the market. Thus, to survive in these constantly changing and competitive times one needs to have the overall knowledge of interior design, the latest trends, use of the latest software and technologies. The best way to learn all this in one place is to get a diploma/degree in Interior Designing.
Is there any difference between Interior Decorators and Designers?
A very common misunderstanding is that Interior Designer and Decorators are the same.
An Interior Designer works closely with the architect to design and draw interior space including the shape of the ceiling, room’s wall, floor, etc. While, An Interior Decorator is responsible for paints, fabrics, furnishing, and other accessories that ultimately change the look and feel of the space.
In short, interior designers can decorate but Interior decorators do not design.
What skills do you need to be an Interior designer?
  • Creativity skills
  • Artistic sense
  • Basic drawing skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Computer skills
  • Good eye for colors, Lights
  • Attention to details
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Management skills
Take 2 steps towards a career in Interior Designing
  • The first step is to start exploring and improving your natural skillsets. You must identify whether you have these qualities discussed earlier and start improving them. With the help of these qualities and the right education, anybody can become a successful Interior designer.
  • Take the next step to join a renowned Interior Designer institute to improve your acquired skills. This is a smart way to enhance your skills as these institutes teach you more than just Interior designing. Today’s Interior designers need to be much more than just designers. At every step of the career, they need to super creative, show good management skills which will help them to sustain in this competitive industry.
What are the career opportunities in interior design?

Many people have this common misconception that one can only be into interior designing of residential homes which is false. There are a variety of career options after the completion of the course. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Commercial Designer
  • Hospitality Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Interior Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Product Designer
(1) Get a degree/diploma from a renowned institute/college: This is not mandatory, but if you want to be a professional Interior Designer then it is a must. Join an Interior designing college/Institute and give necessary qualification exams and step towards a brighter future. By joining an Institute, you will not only enhance your existing skills but opens a new world by learning the latest technologies, trends, etc.
(2) Take Hands-on Experience:
It’s time to implement all the skills that you have learned during the degree/diploma course in real life. Join an internship program with any firm or start working as a freelancer e.g. start with your own home’s makeover, then family and friends this will allow you to get hands-on experience of what you have learned in the classroom.
(3) Make a Portfolio:
Keep together all the great work you have done from your diploma/degree days to internships and put it together to make a portfolio that will show off all your wonderful skills to your future boss to your clients directly.
(4) Keep Yourself Updated:
Nowadays, the trend has changed from every season to season as technologies and software are upgraded, hence it is very important to stay updated about what is trending in the market. Keep visiting trade fairs, keep on learning the latest software’s/tools like SketchUp, VRay, 3DSMax, etc
(5) Make Good Contacts: Trust plays a vital role in this Industry as you enter in client’s personal & professional space. Make sure you keep that trust by delivering what was promised. Keep doing your best work, making contacts and staying in touch with your old client’s will make your business grow.
How to start as an interior designer?

Learning new skills or enhancing your existing skills will always be essential to advance your career as it opens many more opportunities than just one. Anybody can be an interior decorator with the same interests but if you want to gain in-depth knowledge about all the aspects of Interior designing & learn the latest technologies and to sustain in this competitive world then you must get a degree/diploma done. Technical Institute of Interior & Fashion Studies (TiiFS) in Navi Mumbai. TiiFS is a pioneer in Interior and Fashion designing in Navi Mumbai which is recognized by the government.

Enroll for a degree/diploma course:

Choose a course as per your interest and subjects covered in courses. There are a variety of courses available in Interior designing. The most famous and promising course options are as below:
Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) 3 years Degree Course in Interior Designing
(UGC Approved Recognized University)
PG Diploma in Interior Designing with CAD
3 years Expert Diploma in Interior designing
2 years Advance Diploma in Interior Designing
1-year Diploma in Interior designing with CAD

Please visit the address & contact number given on the website of the Technical Institute of Interior & Fashion Studies (TiiFS)



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